Los Angeles Data Center - LAX01

ColoLocker's Los Angeles data center, located at 600 W. 7th Street, is in the same building used by the nation's 12 largest Internet providers to connect to each other in Los Angeles.

This gives us substantial infrastructure benefits, including:

  • Redundant power, temperature-, and humidity-control systems.
  • An on-site generator farm with 17 1500kw generators and 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel.
  • Three-tiered cardkey-access security.
  • Pre-action fire-suppresion system.
  • On-demand connectivity with virtually no bandwidth limitations to all major upstream providers.

In general, we believe in massively overbuilt hardware/connectivity. We keep our links
under 50% utilization; when we reach that point we add additional capacity. This allows
us to absorb traffic bursts without dropping packets.

We also believe in maintaining multiple Tier-1 upstream providers. We currently have three such providers. This allows us to route around outages, and to treat upstream connectivity as a commodity, negotiating the best deals and passing the savings on to you.

Los Angeles Data Center - LAX02

Our newest datacenter, located on the fourth floor of our L.A. building, offers all the benefits of our third-floor datacenter, plus the following enhancements for customers with particularly demanding applications:

  • Fully redundant (2N) power from two separate utilities, to UPS, to PDU, to generator sets, to client cabinets.
  • Four onsite infrastructure operations engineers to manage power, generator, and cooling systems
  • Biometric scanner (fingerprint) plus cardkey for enhanced access security.
  • N+1 redundant routing, with available HSRP/VRRP.
If you have questions about our facilities, or just want a closer look, let us know. We'll be happy to arrange a guided tour. Frankly, we're proud of our infrastructure. Once you've seen it for yourself we think you'll understand why.

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